Desktop PC Installation Services

Regardless of how good the rest of your network is, you need Desktop PCs or Laptops that can process multiple pieces of information all at the same time. How many applications do you have open at any one time - the average is somewhere between 5 or 6. Television adverts seem to be awash with PC and Laptop sales for £199 or there about. Well STOP don’t click the BUY NOW button just yet. Most of the adverts we see are aimed at the home user and this type of software just won’t work in a fully Networked Domain environment.

Early advice and intervention could save you thousands of misspent pounds on the wrong PC or Laptop for the office. We have had the unfortunate experience of having to rip out tens of Windows Home edition Laptops and replace with the correct version after misguided purchases. Don’t fall foul of the same mistakes - get advice from our Specialist Software team.

The quality of Desktop PCs and Laptops have come leaps and bounds over the recent years. With the introduction of the Intel i5 and i7 processors many desktops have the same processing power of much older servers. Our team here at Nexgenn can help suggest the best machines for your business making sure you maximise the technology available and get the most for your money.

Whether you prefer traditional brands like HP, Lenovo, Sony or Dell, or the more cutting edge Acers, or Asus machines, we have experience with all these brands and can give you hands-on feedback that will help you make the choice much easier. In some cases we can even arrange a comparative hands-on test for you.

Desktops and Laptops need to be managed wherever they are. With our remote management software we can ensure your machines are kept protected from viruses and other malware, the data is always secure even if a device is lost or stolen, and kept up to date with any software patches.

Not everyone needs to be able to do everything on your network, let us help you keep it secure.

Nexgenn is an IT Services company. We offer IT network installation & support services together with IT training services. Nexgenn is proud of the clients we have and work we do. Why not call us for a FREE no obligation assessment of your IT needs on 0845 600 6061.

Associate Microsoft Trainer

Associate with Nexgenn

As a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner we have a commitment to our customers to provide the highest level of training standards possible. To this end we continue to seek out talented individuals with a natural flair for communicating technical subject matter to a wide variety of audiences.

With customers both here in the UK and Europe, we deliver classess in native english covering a wide spectrum of products.

We are always looking to add to our existing portfolio of trainers. You must already have achieved your MCT qualification and have some commercial training delivery experience. Perhaps you may have already chosen a specialist subject to focus on such as Microsoft SharePoint Server, SQL Server, System Center, Exchange Server or generalise in Windows Server – We’d like to hear from you.

In the first instance please send us your CV to our Human Resources department. Please also include a link to your online transcript.

Need to know more about our associate program, give us a call on 0845 600 6061